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Catherine Franssen, Longwood University – Outdoors as PTSD Therapy

On Longwood University Week:Β  PTSD sufferers can look to re-wire their brain by getting outside. Catherine

Sarai Blincoe, Longwood University – Trust

On Longwood University Week: Β There’s lots to consider when deciding whether to trust someone. Sarai Blincoe,

Kevin Doyle, Longwood University – Substance Abuse Disorders

On Longwood University Week:Β  We should look to change how we view addiction. Kevin Doyle, associate

Deborah Archer, New York University – Racial Inequality

On New York University Week:Β  Racial discrimination can be hidden in less visible places. Deborah Archer,

Elizabeth Daniels, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs – Do Media and Body Image Create an Early Exit for Middle School Girls?

On University of Colorado, Colorado Springs Week:Β  Does body image create an early exit for middle

Jennifer Groscup, Scripps College – Consent to Search

On Scripps College Week:Β  Do you have to let the government search you? Jennifer Groscup, associate

Katie Nelson-Coffey, University of the South – Happiness Gap for Mothers

On University of the South Week:Β  Why is there a happiness gap for mothers? Katie Nelson-Coffey,

Kelly Whitmer, University of the South – Youth and Early Modern Innovation Culture

On University of the South Week: We can look to the young to help with innovation.

Felipa Chavez, Florida Institute of Technology – Anxiety in Children

The rise of social media can leave kids anxious. Felipa Chavez, assistant professor of psychology at

Sarah Gardner, Mercer University – Reading During The Civil War

On Mercer University Week:Β  In tough times, it can helpful to bury your nose in a