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Anna Amirkhanyan, American University – Food Insecurity

You don’t have look overseas for people who are going hungry. Anna Amirkhanyan, associate professor of

Aubrey Westfall, Wheaton College – The Politics of the Headscarf

The headscarf worn by some Muslim women is becoming a tool of civic engagement. Aubrey Westfall,

Jeanne Wilson, Wheaton College – Unequal Relationship Between Russia and China

On Wheaton College Week: The Russian-Chinese relationship is becoming a one-sided affair. Jeanne Wilson, professor of

Karen Zivi, Grand Valley State Week – Menstrual Activism

On Grand Valley State University Week: Menstruation is still a taboo subject. Karen Zivi, associate professor

Adam Ramey, NYU Abu Dhabi – Politics of Dust Bowl Settlers

The effects of the Dust Bowl are still present in California. Adam Ramey, associate professor of

Ken Joseph, University at Buffalo – Fighting Fake News

How do we stop fake news from impacting the 2020 election? Kenny Joseph, assistant professor in

Bradley W. Hart, Fresno State University – Foreign Interference in Elections

Election interference is a hot topic, but it isn’t new. Bradley Hart, assistant professor of media,

Fletcher McClellan, Elizabethtown College – Presidential Medal of Freedom

The Presidential Medal of Freedom can say a lot about the recipient, and the president giving

Lauren Copeland, Baldwin Wallace University – Political Consumerism

Do you boycott companies for political reasons? Lauren Copeland, assistant professor of politics and global citizenship

Samantha Pettey, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts – Women In Political Office

2018 was a good year for increasing the number of women in political office. Samantha Pettey,