Political Science Archive

Katharine Gelber, University of Queensland – 9/11 and Free Speech

The events of 9/11/2001 have had profound effects on our society. Katharine Gelber, professor of politics

Kristen Ghodsee, Bowdoin College – The Left Side of History

The term “communist” certainly has an associated stigma, especially in the United States. Kristen Ghodsee, a

Geoff Harkness, Morningside College – Autonomy of the Athletic Field

Playing fields aren’t just for sports. Geoff Harkness, a sociologist at Morningside College, discusses his research

Nancy Gallagher, University of Maryland – Public Perception of Iran Nuclear Deal

The recent nuclear deal reached by the US, its allies and Iran has incredible, world-wide implications.

Jo-Renee Formicola, Seton Hall – Church/State Issues

Discussions about the separation of church and state present a series of complicated issues. Jo-Renee Formicola,

Jean Wahl Harris, University of Scranton – Duties of the First Lady

What exactly does the job description of First Lady of the United States consist of? We’re

Shirley Anne Warshaw, Gettysburg College – Executive Orders

Discussion of presidential executive orders has proved to be a recurring topic of late. Dr. Shirley

Mike Allison, University of Scranton – Revolutionary Governments

When a revolution occurs and the acting government of a nation is overthrown, what happens next?

Leah Levac, University of Guelph – Community Vitality Index

How can we best improve communities as a whole? Dr. Leah Levac, a political scientist at

Jason Silverman, Winthrop University – Abraham Lincoln & Immigration

Lately, the topic of immigration is in the news every single day. In today’s Academic Minute,