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Jason Silverman, Winthrop University – Abraham Lincoln & Immigration

Lately, the topic of immigration is in the news every single day. In today’s Academic Minute,

Michele Gelfand, University of Maryland – American Regionalism

It’s Election Day in the US and all across the country, voters will be casting ballots

Casey Klofstad, University of Miami – Vocal Fry in the Workplace

Something as trivial as the sound of one’s voice might prove detrimental in the workplace, especially

Brian Hesse, Northwest Missouri State – Chibuku and Growing Rates of African Beer Consumption

The consumption of alcohol on the continent of Africa ranks amongst the lowest globally, but as

Bruce Peabody, Farleigh Dickinson University – American Heroism

“Big Data” is being mined to glean all sorts of information. Bruce Peabody, professor of political