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Matt Hendley, SUNY Oneonta – What if the U.S. Followed the Westminster Parliamentary Model?

What if the U.S. government was more like the United Kingdom’s? Matthew Hendley, professor of history

Anthony Fleming, University of West Georgia – Gun Policy Debate as Individualism vs Communitarian Values

On University of West Georgia Week: Rugged individualism has had a large influence over gun laws

Brian Lowe, SUNY Oneonta – Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories continue to run rampant in today’s public sphere. Brian Lowe, professor of sociology at

David Primo, University of Rochester – Campaign Finance Reform

Money is always a big factor in political discussions. David Primo, professor of political science and

Nancy Neiman, Scripps College – Markets and Social Justice

On Scripps College Week:Β  Free markets cannot be counted on to erase social injustices. Nancy Neiman,

Yuval Avnar, Scripps College – News Echo Chambers

On Scripps College Week: Are news echo chambers really a bad thing? Β Yuval Avnur, professor of

Duane Loynes, Rhodes College – Black Communities and Law Enforcement

On Rhodes College Week:Β  How do we heal the divide between black communities and law enforcement?

Kendra Hotz, Rhodes College – Redlined Neighborhoods and Health Outcomes

On Rhodes College Week:Β  Social inequalities and health match up together on maps of Memphis. Kendra

Richard Barberio, SUNY Oneonta – What Can Scandal Tell Us About Presidential Power

U.S. Presidents have a long history of scandals. Richard Barberio, associate professor of political science at

Janet Donohoe, University of West Georgia – Monuments

On University of West Georgia Week: Debate over monuments in the U.S. is ongoing. Janet Donohoe,