Political Science Archive

Stephen Underhill, Marshall University – J. Edgar Hoover and the Rhetorical Rise of the F.B.I.

Did Donald Trump inherit a playbook from J. Edgar Hoover? Stephen Underhill, associate professor of communication

Shahrzad Goudarzi, New York University – Economic Inequality

On this Student Spotlight during New York University Week: Do Americans care about economic inequality? Shahrzad

Sean Flynn, Scripps College – Reducing Healthcare Costs

On Scripps College Week: How do we cut the cost of health care in the U.S.?

Brian Harward, Allegheny College – Congressional Responsiveness to Presidential Unilateralism

On Allegheny College Week:  The executive branch and Congress have different ideas of presidential power. Brian

Kenneth Ruscio, University of Richmond – The Founders Hoped for the Best and Prepared for the Worst

On Jepson School of Leadership Studies Week: Did our Founding Fathers plan for the best or

Jessica Flanigan, University of Richmond – The Case Against Voting for Charisma

On Jepson School of Leadership Studies Week: The best leaders aren’t always the charismatic ones. Jessica

Corey Walker, University of Richmond – Religion in American Public Life

On Jepson School of Leadership Studies Week: The debate over religious symbols on public land is

Heather Yates, University of Central Arkansas – Political Humor and Gender in American Politics

Does political humor look the same when aimed at female candidates? Heather Yates, assistant professor of

Mustafa Kirisci, St. Mary’s College of California – Impulsiveness of Leaders and State Repression

Repression of citizens can be an impulsive act of a desperate politician. Mustafa Kirisci, visiting assistant

Katelyn Knox, University of Central Arkansas – Race and National Identity in Contemporary France

How do you fight racism in a supposed post-racial society? Katelyn Knox, associate professor in the