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Joel Frohlich, University of Tubingen – How to Spot Pseudoscience in an Age of Conspiracy Theories

Spotting pseudoscience can be key to staying correctly informed in today’s world. Today on The Academic

Michael Mannheimer, Northern Kentucky University – The Original Understandings of the Fourth Amendment

On Northern Kentucky University Week:Β  How well do you know your Constitutional Amendments? Michael Mannheimer, professor

Oscar Fernandez, Portland State University – Disrupting Trauma Tourism in Diversity Workshops and Scholarship Essays

Sharing traumatic stories can increase awareness and charitable giving, but does it always help those afflicted?

Andrew Mines, George Washington University – Taliban and Counterterrorism

Problems still exist for the U.S. and the world after a long conflict in Afghanistan. Andrew

PJ Verrecchia, York College of Pennsylvania – Gun Control

We’re still in a heated debate about gun control in the U.S. PJ Verrecchia, professor of

Randall McGuire, Binghamton University – Walls Will Not Solve Social Issues

To solve a problem, get to the root of it. Randall McGuire, SUNY distinguished professor at

Timothy Lindberg, University of Minnesota Morris – How Same-Sex Marriage Became Bipartisan

The country is polarized, but the majority of voters agree on at least one issue. Timothy

Thomas Doyle, Texas State University – Nuclear Weapons and the Moral Debate

What is ethical about nuclear weapons? Thomas Doyle, associate professor of political science at Texas State

Alana Jeydel, Fresno City College – 2022: The Year of the Female Gubernatorial Candidate

More glass ceilings can and will be broken in November. Alana Jeydel, professor of political science

Dylan Roby, University of California, Irvine – The Association Between COVID-19 Mortality and the County-Level Partisan Divide in the United States

Do COVID death rates also fall along party lines? Dylan Roby, associate professor of health, society,