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Timothy Waters, Indiana University Bloomington – Rethinking Secession

With America once again polarized, secession is back in the headlines. Timothy Waters, professor of law

Peter F. Cannavo, Hamilton College – Climate Migration: Facing the Inevitable

Many stand to lose their homes and towns in the face of impending climate change. Peter

Kenneth Luck, SUNY Sullivan – Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories are no longer just on the fringe of society. Kenneth Luck, assistant professor of

Anna Amirkhanyan, American University – Are We Biased Against Government?

Trust in government is said to be at an all-time low. Anna Amirkhanyan, professor of public

Frederick Engram, University of Texas at Arlington – Teaching The Truth Should Not Be Controversial

Teachers aren’t always allowed to teach what they believe. Frederick Engram, assistant professor of instruction at

Guangqing Chi, Penn State University – Infrastructure in Rural Alaska

Fixing infrastructure in rural areas can be difficult. Guangping Chi, professor of rural sociology and demography

Nolan Fahrenkopf, University at Albany – The Security of Arms Transfers During the War on Terror

Transferring weapons can have deleterious effects. Nolan Fahrenkopf, research fellow at the Center for Policy Research

Eric Bellone, Suffolk University – The Insular Cases and U.S. Territories: The Constitution Should Follow the Flag

Citizens of U.S. territories do not have all the benefits that their mainland counterparts do. Eric

Jason Warner, United States Military Academy – Africa: The New Epicenter of Global Terrorism

There is a new hub of global terrorism. Jason Warner, assistant professor in the department of

Daniel Braaten, Texas Lutheran University – What Influences Immigration Judges

What influences immigration judges in granting asylum to unaccompanied minors? Daniel Braaten, associate professor of political