Oceanography Archive

Elizabeth De Santo, Franklin & Marshall College – Protecting the Oceans

On Franklin & Marshall Week: We are at a crucial moment for the health of our

Piero Gardinali, Florida International University – Simulating the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in the Lab

It turns out you can simulate an oil spill in the lab. Piero Gardinali, professor in

Rika Anderson, Carleton College – Hydrothermal Vents

On Carleton College Week: How does life survive in the deepest parts of the ocean? Rika

Rene Price, Florida International University – Salt Water Intrusion in the Everglades

Fight fire with fire…and water with water? Rene Price, professor of earth and environment at Florida International

Jaime Palter, University of Rhode Island – The Great Ocean Conveyor and Europe’s Winters

Could a cooldown be coming to Europe? Jaime Palter, assistant professor of oceanography at the University of