Cognition Archive

Justin Couchman, Albright College – Uncertainty

You can’t always give students what they want. Justin Couchman, associate professor of psychology at Albright

Wayne Gray, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – Extreme Experts

What is an extreme expert? Wayne Gray, professor of cognitive science at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, looks

David Badre, Brown University – Executive Functions

You may know your morning routine like the back of your hand, but some people struggle

Matthew Xu-Friedman, University at Buffalo – Processing Noise

How are nerve cells and the connections between them affected by activity? Matthew Xu-Friedman, associate professor

Jennifer Talarico, Lafayette College – Imperfect Memories

Your recollection of a particular event might be exceptionally detailed and completely inaccurate. Jennifer Talarico, a

Michelle Miller, Northern Arizona University – Memory Encoding

The human brain is exceptionally complex. Michelle Miller, a professor of psychological sciences at Northern Arizona

Brooke Macnamara, Case Western Reserve University – Perfect Practice

How you practice is more important than how long you do it for. Brooke Macnamara, a

Volker Thoma, University of East London – Recognizing Faces

The way the brain processes faces, especially familiar faces, is still something of a mystery. Volker

Anne Warlaumont, UC Merced – Positive Feedback Loop

Studying the communicative relationship that parents share with their children is a great way to understand