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Mary McNaughton-Cassill, University of Texas San Antonio – Mental Health Crisis

Anxiety and depression don’t always come from inside. Mary McNaughton-Cassill, professor of psychology at the University

Christopher Fee, Gettysburg College – Perceptions of the Vikings

Are we romanticizing the Vikings too much in popular culture­? Christopher Fee, professor in the English

Chad Painter, University of Dayton – Newspaper Coverage of Opioid Addiction

On University of Dayton Week: How newspapers report on an issue can have a big impact.

Mark Canada, Indiana University Kokomo – The Danger of “Fake News”

Can you handle the truth? Mark Canada, professor of English at Indiana University Kokomo, examines whether

Amanda Lotz, University of Michigan – The Media is a Business

The media is also a business. Amanda Lotz, media studies professor at the University of Michigan,

Ivan Dylko, University at Buffalo – Personalized News Feeds

Should we customize our news feeds? Ivan Dylko, assistant professor in the department of communication at

Aly Colon, Washington and Lee University – The New Gatekeepers of News

We’re all the gatekeepers of news today. Aly Colon, Professor of Media Ethics in the Department

Michelle Ouellette, SUNY Plattsburgh – Fake News, Zika and the Power of Awe

By now everyone has heard of fake news.  How do we avoid it? Michelle Ouellette, assistant

Laura Sonter, University of Vermont – Nature and Selfies

Taking selfies in nature could help the outdoor space you’re visiting. Laura Sonter, Postdoctoral researcher at

Robert Edgell, SUNY Polytechnic Institute – Media and Governance

Do news media corporations actually function with eyes wide open? Robert Edgell, professor of technology management