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Phong Le, Goucher College – The Impact of the Pandemic on Traffic

The pandemic eased traffic, but for how long? Phong Le, associate professor of data, mathematical, and

David Abrahamson, Rhode Island College – Mathematical Modeling

On Rhode Island College Week: Mathematical models help with predicating the future. David Abrahamson, professor of

Viveka Brown, Spelman College – Black Girls and Women in Mathematics

On Spelman College Week:  Black women majoring in math can feel very isolated. Viveka Brown, associate

Oksana Bihun, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs – Solvable Dynamical Systems

On University of Colorado, Colorado Springs Week:  Are all math problems solvable? Oksana Bihun, associate professor

Paul Dosal, University of Southern Florida – The Power of Predictive Analytics on Campus

Some students need more support than others to get their education. Paul Dosal, professor of Latin

Chris Spicer, Morningside College – 73

Everyone has a favorite number. Chris Spicer, associate professor of mathematics at Morningside College, explains why

Della Dumbaugh, University of Richmond – Political Conflict and American Mathematics

On University of Richmond Week: Mathematics is influenced by political events. Della Dumbaugh, professor of mathematics,

Peter Fox, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – Data Set Analysis

On Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Week: Are the secrets to solving our problems hiding in plain sight?

Tamas Budavari, Johns Hopkins University – Using Astronomy Tools to Fight Urban Decay

To fix urban decay, look to the stars. Tamas Budavari, assistant professor in the department of

Caleb Everett, University of Miami – Anumeric Societies

Could we live our lives without numbers? Caleb Everett, anthropological linguistics professor at the University of