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Andrea Lanoux, Connecticut College – A New Vision of Russian Childhood Through Literature

On Connecticut College Week:  Even bedtime stories changed after the fall of the Soviet Union. Andrea

Lorie Vanchena, University of Kansas – World War I Poetry

We’ve seen and heard a lot of stories from WWII – but what about WWI? Lorie

Raymond Boisvert, Siena College – 200th Publication Anniversary of Frankenstein

Everyone knows the Frankenstein legend, right? Raymond Boisvert, professor of philosophy at Siena College, takes a

Casey Andrews, Whitworth University – Peace Literature

Artists of the future can look to the past to explore how to speak out against

John Misak, New York Institute of Technology – Storytelling in Video Games

The complexity and immersion of good stories can be found in many mediums. John Misak, assistant

Mary Bendel-Simso, McDaniel College – The New History of Detective Fiction

Detective fiction has been around longer than Dickens and Poe. Mary Bendel-Simso, professor of English at

Lorie Vanchena, University of Kansas – Poetry of World War I

We’ve seen and heard a lot of stories from WWII – but what about WWI? Lorie

David Caplan, Ohio Wesleyan University – Is Hip-Hop Poetry?

Would Garrison Keillor read hip hop lyrics on The Writer’s Almanac? David Caplan, professor of English

William Nesbitt, Beacon College – The Beats

Are The Beats still relevant today? William Nesbitt, English professor at Beacon College, explores this literary

Curtis Dozier, Vassar College – Political Rhetoric

What do Aristotle and sound bites have in common? Curtis Dozier, visiting assistant professor of Greek