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Michelle Amazeen, Boston University – Native Advertising

Watch out for ads when reading your morning news stories. Michelle Amazeen, assistant professor in the

William McKeen, Boston University – Charles Manson and the American Dream

We all want the American Dream. William McKeen, professor of journalism at Boston University, discusses the

Aly Colon, Washington and Lee University – The New Gatekeepers of News

We’re all the gatekeepers of news today. Aly Colon, Professor of Media Ethics in the Department

Michelle Ouellette, SUNY Plattsburgh – Fake News, Zika and the Power of Awe

By now everyone has heard of fake news.  How do we avoid it? Michelle Ouellette, assistant

Matt Fotis, Albright College – Political Satire in the Age of Post-Truth

Are we entering a golden age of political satire? Matt Fotis, Assistant Professor and Co-Chair of

Lisa Phillips, SUNY New Paltz – A Study of Unrequited Love

Heartbreak is often cited as direct inspiration for art. Lisa Phillips, a journalism professor at SUNY

Brian Southwell, UNC Chapel Hill – Misinformation

How accurate is your information? Brian Southwell, research professor of mass communication at UNC Chapel Hill,

Jon Mikolashek, APU – False Historical Narratives

Is the history we’re presented actually accurate? Jon Mikolashek, associate professor for the department of history and

Katharine Gelber, University of Queensland – 9/11 and Free Speech

The events of 9/11/2001 have had profound effects on our society. Katharine Gelber, professor of politics

Stephen Barnard, St. Lawrence University – Social Media and Journalism

In 2015, social media is ubiquitous. Stephen Barnard, sociologist at St. Lawrence University, is studying the