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Jeffrey Fortin, Emmanuel College – Historical Identity Theft

Identity theft usually brings to mind thoughts of stolen credit cards or misappropriated bank accounts. But,

Jason Silverman, Winthrop University – Abraham Lincoln & Immigration

Lately, the topic of immigration is in the news every single day. In today’s Academic Minute,

Douglas Kerr, University of Hong Kong – Modern Insights on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Viewing Sherlock Holmes and his creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle through a modern lens opens up

Richard Veit, Monmouth University – The Culture of Cemeteries

Graveyards are spooky. As such, they often serve as the backdrop for scary scenes in literature

Paul Smethurst, University of Hong Kong – Cultural History of the Bicycle

The bicycle is so much more than two tires, brakes & handlebars. Dr. Paul Smethurst, an

Stephanie Hinnershitz, Valdosta State University – Asian-American Immigration

Discussions about civil rights in America rarely focus on the plight of Asian-American immigrants. But, as

Peter Turchin, UConn – Cliodynamic Models of History

Can math be used to better understand history? Peter Turchin, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology

King Davis, University of Texas at Austin – Segregated Psych Centers

During the 1800s, segregation was even visible in the medical arena. King Davis, professor and director