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Martin Krieger, USC – Detroit as the City of Industry

Using art to paint the history of Detroit. Martin H. Krieger, professor of planning at the University

Robyn Rosen, Marist College – Planned Parenthood Historically

Planned Parenthood and abortion are often linked in the news. Today on the Academic Minute, Robyn

Heather O’Connell, Rice University – Modern Segregation

Discussions about race and race relations are always in the news. Today on The Academic Minute, Heather

Vicki Howard, Hartwick College – Evolution of the Department Store

Everything evolves over time. That includes how we do our shopping. Vicki Howard, history professor at

Marist’s Robyn Rosen records at WAMC

Professor of history at Marist College, Robyn Rosen stopped by WAMC’s studios on Central Ave. in

Douglas Bruster, UT Austin – Shakespeare’s Brand

  We’re still making discoveries about Shakespeare! Douglas Bruster, a professor of American and English literature

William Parker, Duke University – Historical Stress

Are we more or less stressed than our ancestors? William Parker, association professor in the Department of

Ted Steinberg, Case Western Reserve University – Over-development

Can a city become so developed, it’s grown becomes a hindrance? Ted Steinberg, history professor at

Robert Pallitto, Seton Hall University – 800th Anniversary of the Magna Carta

Today, we celebrate the 800th birthday of the signing of the Magna Carta. Today on The

Jon Mikolashek, APU – False Historical Narratives

Is the history we’re presented actually accurate? Jon Mikolashek, associate professor for the department of history and