History Archive

Lori Martin, Louisiana State University – Greatest of All-Time

Can you call someone the greatest of all time when not all people were allowed to

Matthew Carrigan, Santa Fe College – Human Ethanol Consumption

If ethanol consumption is known to be toxic, why have humans consumed it throughout history? Matthew

Thomas Olsen, SUNY New Paltz – Shakespeare and the Art of the Remix

Was Shakespeare a plagiarist? Thomas Olsen, associate professor and chair of the English department at SUNY

Krista Jenkins, Fairleigh Dickinson University – Political Differences between Mothers and Daughters

Mothers and daughters may back different political candidates this year. Krista Jenkins, professor of political science

Penny Spikins, University of York – Human Origins

What caused the spread of humans across the globe? Penny Spikins, Senior Lecturer in the Archaeology

Michelle Watts, American Public University – Indigenous People of Costa Rica

Indigenous people in Costa Rica are looking to have their history preserved. Michelle Watts, faculty director

Rhondda Thomas, Clemson University – Convict Labor and Clemson

Clemson University was built by those who could never attend the college. Rhondda Thomas, associate professor

Adam Arenson, Manhattan College – After The Underground Railroad

What happened to fleeing slaves after they reached the end of the Underground Railroad? Adam Arenson,

Kathleen Alves, Queensborough Community College – Women in comic novels and medical texts

Is there a link between historical medical texts and fictional texts? Kathleen Alves, assistant professor of

Richard Chacon, Winthrop University – The Great Awakening and the American Revolution

Did a religious awakening lead to the birth of a nation? Richard Chacon, Associate Professor of Anthropology