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Martin Krieger, USC – Urban Tomography

Photographs can surely capture a visual depiction of a city, but is that enough? Martin Krieger,

Greg Bell, Winthrop University – Day to Day Life of Medieval Crusaders

Depictions of The Crusades usually entail throngs of pillaging troops sacking cities and running amok. Greg

Glenn Geher, SUNY New Paltz – Neanderthal DNA

Are you a Neanderthal? According to Glenn Geher, psychologist at New Paltz, you might very well

Martin Krieger, USC – Uncertainty Principles

Knowing what you don’t know is vital if you want to change that. Martin Krieger, a

Davide Zori, Baylor University – Viking Social Standing

When one thinks of Vikings, lavish dinner parties are probably not the first thing that come

Richard Veit, Monmouth University – Joseph Bonaparte’s Point Breeze Estate

Joseph Bonaparte is probably most notably known as Napoleon’s older brother, but his cultural significance goes

Jean Wahl Harris, University of Scranton – Duties of the First Lady

What exactly does the job description of First Lady of the United States consist of? We’re

Richard Lachmann, University at Albany – The Tonality of Textbooks

The tone of a written passage can fully influence how it is comprehended. Dr. Richard Lachmann,

Jeffrey Fortin, Emmanuel College – Historical Identity Theft

Identity theft usually brings to mind thoughts of stolen credit cards or misappropriated bank accounts. But,

Jason Silverman, Winthrop University – Abraham Lincoln & Immigration

Lately, the topic of immigration is in the news every single day. In today’s Academic Minute,