Sleep Science Archive

Sadie Witkowski, Northwestern University – Sleep and Memory

On this Student Spotlight: Can you learn while sleeping? Sadie Witkowski, PhD candidate in the department

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Your brain’s janitor may get worse as you age. Jeff Iliff, Professor in the Department of

Erin Hanlon, University of Chicago – Sleep Munchies

Not getting enough sleep carries an increased risk of obesity. Erin Hanlon, Research Associate (in rank of

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Can soothing music help you fall and stay asleep? Joseph Chandler, Assistant Professor of Psychology at

Michael Howell, University of Minnesota – Athletic Slumber

Sleep training might offer some interesting health benefits. Michael Howell, neurologist at University of Minnesota, discusses

Michael Howell, University of Minnesota – Paradox Lost

Ideally, sleep is a restful time that recharges our bodies and readies us for the coming

Karen Bonuck, Albert Einstein College of Medicine – Sleep & Childhood Obesity Risk Factors

A holistic approach to wellness examines all influencing factors. Karen Bonuck, a professor at Albert Einstein

Kimberly Fenn, MSU – Social Media Memories

Is your Facebook feed distorting your ability to recall events accurately? Kimberly Fenn, a psychologist at