Sexuality Archive

Stephanie Chalifoux, University of West Georgia – Commercial Sex Market in the U.S. South During the 1940s and 1950s

On University of West Georgia Week: Red-light districts were turned off during World War II, but

Tyler Carrington, Cornell College – Historical Personal Ads and Modern Dating

On Cornell College Week: The history of love is understudied. Tyler Carrington, assistant professor of German

Corey Johnson, University of Waterloo – Geo-Social Dating Apps

Dating practices are being changed again by Geo-social networking applications. Corey Johnson, professor in the department

Rachel Robinson, American University – How to Ensure Access to Sexuality Education for Teenagers

On American University Week: How do we ensure students get sexual education? Rachel Robinson, associate professor

Ashwini Tambe, University of Maryland – What Is Sexual Coercion?

** As a warning, this segment includes a frank discussion about sexual misconduct some listeners may

Susan Dicklitch-Nelson, Franklin & Marshall College – Safety of Sexual Minorities

The world is becoming more tolerant for LGBTQ individuals, but we have a long way to

Charles P. Hoy-Ellis, University of Utah – Transgender Older Adults and the Military

Does military service negatively affect transgender adults? Charles P. Hoy-Ellis, assistant professor in the college of

Jean Twenge, San Diego State University – Are Millennials More Sexually Active?

Are millennials more sexually active than previous generations? Jean Twenge, professor of psychology at San Diego

Deepka Shukla, University of Illinois at Chicago – Treatment For Herpes Virus

Is a protection against the herpes virus on the way? Deepak Shukla, professor of ophthalmology and

Steven Neuberg, Arizona State University – Women, Ovulation and Mate Guarding

Do women know when to keep their partners away from other ovulating women? Steven Neuberg, foundation