Pathology Archive

Timothy Amukele, Johns Hopkins University – Drones Improving Medical Access

How do you get medical samples from one place to another in places without roads? Timothy

Betsy Herold, Albert Einstein College of Medicine – Herpes Vaccine

The herpes simplex virus is incredibly common and also incurable. Betsy Herold, a professor of pediatrics

Marina D’Angelo, PCOM – Canine Osteoarthritis

Pets are just like any other member of the family, and sometimes they need some specific

Elizabeth Thomas, Scripps Research Institute – Genetic Factors of Huntington’s Disease

Curing diseases is a lot like solving a puzzle. Elizabeth Thomas, a molecular and cellular neuroscientist

Ellen Foxman, Yale University – Cold and the Common Cold

Does temperature affect the spread of the common cold? Ellen Foxman, a postdoctoral fellow and Instructor

Jennifer Maynard, UT Austin – Outsmarting Whooping Cough

New insights into pertussis are helping to fight the disease. Jennifer Maynard, a chemical engineer at

Somshuvra Mukhopadhyay, UT Austin – Unlocking Parkinson’s Disease

What does SLC30A10 mean to you? Chances are: not a lot. To, Somshuvra Mukhopadhyay, a pharmacologist

Brian Balin, PCOM – Alzheimer’s Risk Factors

We’re learning more and more about Alzheimer’s disease. Some of that good work is being done

Steven Soifer, University of Memphis – Paruresis

Certain afflictions are embarrassing to discuss. Because of this, they remain untreated and can often worsen.

Joseph Rubin, University of Saskatchewan – Micro-Pathogens

Microscopic pathogens are all around us, working to make us sick. Dr. Joseph Rubin, a microbiologist