Oncology Archive

Rachel Mayo, Clemson University – Breast Cancer Awareness

A under served community of women need more witnesses. Rachael Mayo, professor of public health sciences

Gayathri Devi, Duke University – Breast Cancer Treatments

Can medication used to treat alcoholism be repurposed for other medical conditions? Gayathri Devi, associate professor

Michele Markstein, UMass Amherst – Fighting Cancer with Fruit Flies

Because of their speedy reproductive rates, fruit flies are exceptionally useful for scientific experimentation. We’ve seen

Ying Xu, University of Georgia – Hypoxia

One of the top priorities in the medical field is diagnosing and stopping the growth of

Marco Bisoffi, Chapman University – Thinking Outside the Tumor

Studying the area surrounding a cancerous tumor may provide new medical insights. Dr. Marco Bisoffi, associate