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Amy Cook, Stony Brook University – The Art and Science of Casting

There’s an art and a science to casting your favorite movie roles. Amy Cook, Associate Professor

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We’ve seen this script in Hollywood before. Billy J. Stratton, associate professor of English at the

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The complexity and immersion of good stories can be found in many mediums. John Misak, assistant

David Coogan, Virginia Commonwealth University – Changing the Narrative in Jail

What should you do with your time while in jail? David Coogan, professor in the department

Kerry Dean Carso, SUNY New Paltz – Gothic Revival

Gothic novels and architecture have always had an appeal in the United States. Kerry Dean Carso,

Kathleen Alves, Queensborough Community College – Women in comic novels and medical texts

Is there a link between historical medical texts and fictional texts? Kathleen Alves, assistant professor of

Douglas Bruster, UT Austin – Shakespeare’s Brand

  We’re still making discoveries about Shakespeare! Douglas Bruster, a professor of American and English literature

John Lurz, Tufts – Literature as a Medium

Are you addicted to your kindle? These neat little devices are definitely convenient, but do they

K.J. Rawson, College of The Holy Cross – Digital Transgender Archive

The spectrum of human sexuality is shifting. K.J. Rawson, an English professor at The College of

Stephanie Pietros, Mt. St. Mary College – Shakespearean Satire

Saturday Night Live premiered in 1975, but satire is hardly a new concept. Stephanie Pietros, a