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Mark Canada, Indiana University Kokomo – Poe In His Right Mind

Are highly creative people more prone to madness? Mark Canada, professor of English at Indiana University

Amy Lueck, Santa Clara University – English Professors Study More Than Books

English professors don’t always have their nose in a book. Amy Lueck, associate professor of rhetoric

Katrina Hoop, Saint Joseph’s College – The Sociological Imagination, Students’ Lives-As-Text, and Teaching During a Pandemic

COVID-19 is an invitation to think more sociologically. Katrina Hoop, associate professor of sociology at St.

Matthew Boedy, University of North Georgia – Student Reactions to Kent State and COVID-19

Higher education will look different after COVID-19. Matthew Boedy, assistant professor of rhetoric and composition at

William E. Engel, University of the South – The Printer as Author in Early Modern English Book History

On University of the South Week:  One man had a big effect on English Reformation printing.

Mary K. Holland, SUNY New Paltz – Contemporary Literature

Fictional stories can have an impact on our reality. Mary K. Holland, professor of English at

Joyce Kinkead, Utah State University – Slow Writing

Not everything has to be written digitally. Joyce Kinkead, distinguished professor in the department of English

Kenneth Roemer, University of Texas at Arlington – Create Yourself in Many Voices

Is your story fit for an autobiography? Kenneth Roemer, distinguished teaching professor at the University of

Vera Tobin, Case Western Reserve University – Plot Twists

No spoilers please! Vera Tobin, assistant professor of cognitive science at Case Western Reserve University, examines how

Christopher LeCluyse, Westminster College – Academic Writing as Fantasy Role Playing Game

On Westminster College Week: Gaming could help in your college writing course. Christopher LeCluyse, professor of