Engineering Archive

Guangqing Chi, Penn State University – Infrastructure in Rural Alaska

Fixing infrastructure in rural areas can be difficult. Guangping Chi, professor of rural sociology and demography

Larry Pileggi, Carnegie Mellon University – Keeping the Power Grid Safe from Mother Nature and Human Nature

On Carnegie Mellon University Week: Β A failure in the power grid could have serious consequences. Larry

Daniel Armanios, Carnegie Mellon University – The Social Legacies of Our Infrastructure Systems

On Carnegie Mellon University Week: Infrastructure can keep people locked in the past. Daniel Armanios, assistant

Ali Hamza, Widener University – Understanding the Future of Automated Self-Driving

On Widener University Week:Β  Lighting and weather conditions can make self-driving cars struggle to see. Ali

Mustafa Aksoy, University at Albany – A New Age of Discovery

On University at Albany Week: Β Space is a vast wealth of exploration opportunities. Mustafa Aksoy, assistant

Monica Menendez, NYU Abu Dhabi – Sharing the Road

Can’t we all just get along on the roads? Monica Menendez, associate professor of civil and

Nathan Slegers, George Fox University – Butterfly Inspired Innovations in Unmanned Systems

On George Fox University Week: Monarch butterfly wings could help get small flying robots up and

Azhar Ilyas, New York Institute of Technology – Early Detection of HIV

On New York Institute of Technology Week:Β  HIV testing needs to go where the laboratory cannot.

Dustin Albright, Clemson University – Sim[PLY] System

A new way of building could be more environmentally friendly. Dustin Albright, assistant professor of architecture

Mary Pilotte, Purdue University – Engineering Education

On Purdue University Week: Studying abroad can help broaden a student’s mind. Mary Pilotte, associate professor