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Carlos Tarin, University of Texas at El Paso – Borderland Ecological Consciousness

On University of Texas at El Paso Week: The southern border has been changed by many

Jason Delborne, North Carolina State University – Forest Biotech

We have genetically engineered food; how about trees? Jason Delborne, associate professor of science, policy and

Alexandra Kosiba, University of Vermont – The Rebound of the Red Spruce

The red spruce is coming back to the Northeastern United States. Alexandra Kosiba, researcher in the

Elizabeth Anderson, Florida International University – Dams Are Changing Amazonian Rivers

New dams in the Amazon could threaten ecosystems. Elizabeth Anderson, assistant professor in the department of

Rene Price, Florida International University – Salt Water Intrusion in the Everglades

Fight fire with fire…and water with water? Rene Price, professor of earth and environment at Florida International

Fred Chen, Wake Forest University – Synthetic Rhino Horns

Can synthetic rhino horns stop the scourge of poaching? Fred Chen, associate professor of economics at

Laura Sonter, University of Vermont – Nature and Selfies

Taking selfies in nature could help the outdoor space you’re visiting. Laura Sonter, Postdoctoral researcher at

Julianna Jenkins, University of Missouri – Songbirds Face Risks Leaving The Nest

Not all birds face the same risks when leaving the nest. Julianna Jenkins, post-doctoral research fellow

Sasha Dall, University of Exeter – Genes as Cues for Development

What do your genes say about you? Sasha Dall, Senior Lecturer in Mathematical Ecology at the

John Sivey, Towson University – Safeners in Herbicides

The use of herbicides is widespread, but we don’t know the whole story. John Sivey, assistant