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Adam Gaffey, Winona State University – Rhetorical Agency

Who has the power? Adam Gaffey, assistant professor of communication studies at Winona State University, determines

Christian Kiewitz, University of Dayton – Bad Bosses and Defensive Silence

Abusive bosses can have many harmful effects on a company. Christian Kiewitz, professor in management at

Aly Colon, Washington and Lee University – The New Gatekeepers of News

We’re all the gatekeepers of news today. Aly Colon, Professor of Media Ethics in the Department

Jennifer Bevan, Chapman University – Romantic Jealousy in the Digital Age

How do partners communicate about jealousy in a digital age? Jennifer Bevan, professor in the department

Uriel Cohen Priva, Brown University – Speechrate

If you listen to this program you know some people speak faster than others. Uriel Cohen

Laura Gee, Tufts University – Social Ties and Job Hunting

Networking is important in finding a new job. Laura Gee, assistant professor in the school of

Ryan Kelly, University of Washington – Influential Science and Storytelling

Science papers aren’t usually the best places to find a good story. Ryan Kelly, assistant professor

Nathan Kunz, University of North Florida – Fast Disaster Response

Disasters are unpredictable and our response time needs improving. Nathan Kunz, assistant professor of operations management

Ashli Stokes, University of North Carolina Charlotte – Thanksgiving Food and Gratitude

Food is the main event of most Thanksgivings. Ashli Stokes, associate professor in the department of

Laura Russell, Denison University – Reading Reality Through the Lens of Gratitude

How do we learn to value the things we already have? Laura Russell, assistant professor of