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InduShobha Chengalur-Smith, University at Albany – The Reciprocity of Empathy in Online, Health-Based Communities

On University at Albany Week: Sometimes an online community is what you need to get through

Amber Silver, University at Albany – Improving Communication of Weather Information During Natural Disasters

On University at Albany Week:  Nothing lights up the internet like a big storm. Amber Silver,

Elizabeth Casserly, Trinity College – Vision and Communication

On Trinity College Week: Visual information is important for speech. Elizabeth Casserly, assistant professor of psychology,

Amelia Reigstad, University of Wisconsin River Falls – Workplace Communications

Does the gender of an employee play a role in the outcome of a public relations

Katherine Rafferty, Iowa State University – Doctor Parent Communication

Having a chronically ill child is a stressful situation for parents. Katherine Rafferty, lecturer at Iowa

Naja Ferjan Ramirez, University of Washington – Building Bilingual Brains

Learning a second language can be important for the future. Naja Ferjan Ramirez, research scientist at

Adam Gaffey, Winona State University – Rhetorical Agency

Who has the power? Adam Gaffey, assistant professor of communication studies at Winona State University, determines

Christian Kiewitz, University of Dayton – Bad Bosses and Defensive Silence

Abusive bosses can have many harmful effects on a company. Christian Kiewitz, professor in management at

Aly Colon, Washington and Lee University – The New Gatekeepers of News

We’re all the gatekeepers of news today. Aly Colon, Professor of Media Ethics in the Department

Jennifer Bevan, Chapman University – Romantic Jealousy in the Digital Age

How do partners communicate about jealousy in a digital age? Jennifer Bevan, professor in the department