Chemistry Archive

Nick Sterling, University of West Georgia – Chemical Evolution of the Universe

On University of West Georgia Week: How were the different elements in the universe produced? Nick

Eric Pallant, Allegheny College – There is a lot to Learn From Sourdough Bread

On Allegheny College Week:Β  We have lots to learn from sourdough bread. Eric Pallant, professor of

Rob Bachman, University of the South – Designing New Platinum-Based Anti-Cancer Drugs

On University of the South Week:Β  Platinum isn’t just for well selling music artists. Rob Bachman,

Craig Teague, Cornell College – Soft Drinks and Carbon Dioxide Emissions

On Cornell College Week: Can soft drinks help reverse climate change? Craig Teague, professor of chemistry,

Upal Ghosh, University of Maryland Baltimore County – PCBs

A better way to rid waterways of harmful PCBs could be on the way. Upal Ghosh,

John Galbraith, Marist College – Chemical Bonding

Our understanding of chemical bonding might need an update. John Galbraith, associate professor of chemistry at

Mary Carroll, Union College – Aerogels

On Union College Week: Β How do we make buildings more energy-efficient? Mary Carroll, professor of chemistry,

Steven Hughes, Roanoke College – Improving LED Technology

On Roanoke College Week: LED bulbs reduce energy consumption; but can they get better? Steven Hughes,

Cindy Strong, Cornell College – Pottery and Chemistry

Can chemistry help us better understand the past? Cindy Strong, professor of chemistry at Cornell College,

Joshua Schrier, Haverford College – Dark Reactions

Hiding your failures is common, but may not beneficial if you’re a scientist. Joshua Schrier, associate