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Stephanie Gill, University at Buffalo – Yetis

On this Student Spotlight: Has a yeti specimen been found? Stephanie Gill, PhD candidate at the

William Rogers, Winthrop University – Dolphins

Do dolphins speak in different dialects? William Rogers, professor of biology at Winthrop University, examines river

George Uetz, University of Cincinnati – Purring Spiders

Do spiders sing for love? George Uetz, professor of biological sciences and head of the University of

Phillip Sponenberg, VaTech – Navajo-Churro Sheep

Dr. Phillip Sponenberg has become our resident zoology expert contributing previous pieces on domestic extinction, Choctaw

Phillip Sponenberg, VaTech – Choctaw Hogs

A close look at a specific type of animal provides insight into the evolution of livestock

Scott McGraw, OSU – Bitter Side of Cocoa

Is the production of chocolate having a negative impact? Scott McGraw, an anthropologist at The Ohio

Marina D’Angelo, PCOM – Canine Osteoarthritis

Pets are just like any other member of the family, and sometimes they need some specific

Jennifer Cramer, American Public University – Colorful Monkeys

Male vervet monkeys have a colorful genital and perineal area and engage in red-white-and-blue displays to

Nicola Mitchell, U of Western Australia – Assisted Colonization

Can the relocation of a species’ habitat save it from extinction? Nicola Mitchell, a zoologist at

Megan Mueller, Tufts University – Benefits of Pet Ownership

Playing fetch with the family dog might have some far reaching benefits. Megan Mueller, a research