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Eugenia Olesnicky Killian, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs – Using Fruit Flies to Understand the Genetics of Neurological Disorders

On University of Colorado, Colorado Springs Week: Can fruit flies help us understand more about human

Daniel Benjamin, USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences – Genetics and Academic Achievement

On USC Dornsife Week: Do your genes decide the highest level of education you’ll receive? Daniel

William Barrington, University of California Los Angeles – Genetics and Dietary Recommendations

One diet does not fit all. William Barrington, postdoctoral scientist at the University of California Los

Abraham Palmer, University of California San Diego – Do These Genes Make Me Lonely?

Loneliness might be passed on from one generation to another. Abraham Palmer, professor of psychiatry at

Michelle Mondoux, Holy Cross – Sugar, Sex and Aging

New research into how we process sugar on a molecular level are offering insights into our

Elizabeth Skippington, Indiana University – Mistletoe’s Secret

The seasonal usage of mistletoe is better known than anything about the plant itself. Elizabeth Skippington,

Graham Hatfull, PITT – Bacteriophages

Viruses are all around us! Graham Hatfull, biologist at the University of Pittsburgh, is working to

Elizabeth Thomas, Scripps Research Institute – Genetic Factors of Huntington’s Disease

Curing diseases is a lot like solving a puzzle. Elizabeth Thomas, a molecular and cellular neuroscientist

Glenn Geher, SUNY New Paltz – Neanderthal DNA

Are you a Neanderthal? According to Glenn Geher, psychologist at New Paltz, you might very well

Angela Crean, University of South Wales – Telegony

Can your past sexual partners influence the genetics of your children? Dr. Angela Crean, an evolutionary