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Keith Clay, Indiana University – Tick Risks

Don’t get scared, but the threat of ticks is growing! Keith Clay, biologist at Indiana University,

Cliff Ross, University of North Florida – Coral Reef Ecology

Today on The Academic Minute, the interconnectedness of nature is on full display. A marine biologist

Michele Markstein, UMass Amherst – Fighting Cancer with Fruit Flies

Because of their speedy reproductive rates, fruit flies are exceptionally useful for scientific experimentation. We’ve seen

Susan Arruda, Franklin Pierce University – Eyes & Flies

Some of the tiniest eyes in the world might hold insight into restoring human vision. Susan

Neal Hall, UT Austin – Fly Inspired Hearing

The way flies perceive sound is helping engineers improve on microphone technology. Dr. Neal Hall, an

Edward LeBrun, UT Austin – Crazy Ant Invasion

The speed, ferocity, and resilience of tawny fire ants is drawing the attention of the entomology

Mark Hunter, University of Michigan – Flourishing Despite Climate Change

Naturally, species react differently to climate change. Dr. Mark Hunter, a professor in the Department of

Daniel Hahn, University of Florida – “Sexy” Fruit Flies

Apparently, you can sterilize flies too well. In today’s Academic Minute, Daniel Hahn, assistant professor in