Earth Science Archive

Rene Price, Florida International University – Salt Water Intrusion in the Everglades

Fight fire with fire…and water with water? Rene Price, professor of earth and environment at Florida International

Tim Cook, Worcester State University – Hurricane Irene Erosion

While the West is drying out, the Northeastern U.S. is getting wetter. Tim Cook, Assistant Professor

John Rennie Short, University of Maryland Baltimore County – Western Wildfires

The western region of the US has been experiencing a rash of wildfires. John Rennie Short,

Pietro Ceccato, Columbia – Battling Earthly Plagues from Space

New technology that monitors our environment are proving vital. Pietro Ceccato, a scientist at Columbia University’s

Philipp Ruprecht, Columbia University – Volcanology Studies

It’s pretty busy inside of a volcano! Philipp Ruprecht, professor at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory,

Adam Sobel, Columbia – Madden-Julian Oscillation

  There’s very limited chance you’ve even heard of the Madden-Julian Oscillation. Adam Sobel, Columbia University

Rob Spencer, FSU – Permafrost

Thawing carbon in the arctic is presenting some potential problems. Rob Spencer, an oceanographer at FSU,

Susan Brantley, Penn State – Hydraulic Fracturing Concerns

Is fracking harmful to our planet or is it worth the economic boon it brings? Susan

Dylan McNamara, UNCW – Coastline Economics

The future of the coastline depends on more than just sand and water. Dylan McNamara, physicist and physical

Michael Rawlins, UMass Amherst – Climate Change 2015

Discussions of climate change are everywhere. Michael Rawlins, geoscientist at UMass Amherst, explores climate change in