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Hwamee Oh, Brown University – Why Some Brain Regions and Cognitive Functions Are More Vulnerable to Aging

On Brown University Week:  Detecting Alzheimer’s early on is key. Hwamee Oh, assistant professor in the

Tyler Anderson-Sieg, University of South Carolina – Our Strategically Lazy Brains

On this Student Spotlight: We are all busy, and so are our brains. Tyler Anderson-Sieg, PhD-student

Bjorn Lussem, Kent State University – Organic Biosensors at the Interface of Materials Science, Electronics, and Neuroscience

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Angela Ridgel, Kent State University – Adaptive Rehabilitation of Neurological Disease

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Alex Frano, University of California San Diego – Neuromorphic Computers

Computers use a big chunk of the world’s energy. Alex Frano, assistant professor of physics at

Mark Canada, Indiana University Kokomo – Poe In His Right Mind

Are highly creative people more prone to madness? Mark Canada, professor of English at Indiana University

Traver Wright, Texas A&M University – Traumatic Brain Injuries

On Texas A&M Center for Sports Management Research & Education Week: We are still learning a

Arturo Bravo, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine – Neuroprotection

On Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine Week: How do we protect overstressed areas of the brain?

Chris Dulla, Tufts University – Ketogenic Diet and Brain Health

Can your diet help with recovery from a traumatic brain injury? Chris Dulla, associate professor of

Dan Lloyd, Trinity College – Music As The Language of the Brain

On Trinity College Week: Does your brain speak in music? Dan Lloyd, professor of philosophy, discusses