Brain Science Archive

Arturo Bravo, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine – Neuroprotection

On Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine Week: How do we protect overstressed areas of the brain?

Chris Dulla, Tufts University – Ketogenic Diet and Brain Health

Can your diet help with recovery from a traumatic brain injury? Chris Dulla, associate professor of

Dan Lloyd, Trinity College – Music As The Language of the Brain

On Trinity College Week: Does your brain speak in music? Dan Lloyd, professor of philosophy, discusses

Ken Gobbo, Landmark College – Neurodiversity

Neurodiversity is a growing social movement. Ken Gobbo, professor of psychology at Landmark College, discusses this

Joe Erlichman, St. Lawrence University – Cerium Dioxide Nanoparticles

A new treatment for ALS could be on the way. Joe Erlichman, professor and chair of

Nicholas Port, Indiana University – Subconcussions

Not every athlete with a brain injury has been diagnosed with a concussion. Nicholas Port, associate

Janice Stapley, Monmouth University – Female Student Athletes and Concussions

How do we protect athletes from concussions? Janice Stapley, associate professor of psychology at Monmouth University,

Monica Lewin, New York University – Blocking the Effects of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

On this Student Spotlight: Is there help on the way for those affected by fetal alcohol

Sadie Witkowski, Northwestern University – Sleep and Memory

On this Student Spotlight: Can you learn while sleeping? Sadie Witkowski, PhD candidate in the department

Adina Roskies, Dartmouth College – Deep Brain Stimulation Affects Personality

Is your consciousness just neural functioning like the rest of your body? Adina Roskies, Helman Family Distinguished