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Tammy Mildenstein, Cornell College – Monarch Butterfly Preservation

On Cornell College Week: The restoration of monarch butterfly populations is a vital preservation topic. Tammy

Alexandra Kosiba, University of Vermont – The Rebound of the Red Spruce

The red spruce is coming back to the Northeastern United States. Alexandra Kosiba, researcher in the

Seth Davis, University of Idaho – Beneficial plant viruses

  There can be some surprising benefits to being sick. Seth Davis, postdoctoral scientist at the

Laura Rokosz, Monmouth University – Aeroponic Gardening

Soon, your garden might require no dirt whatsoever. Laura Rokosz, adjunct professor of Nutrition Sciences in

Ben Schwessinger, UC Davis – Plant Immunity

We just found out that plants can hear. Now, we’ll learn about their complex immune systems.

Heidi Appel, Rex Cocroft, University of Missouri – Plants Can Hear

To see whether predator noises would affect plants, two University of Missouri researchers exposed one set

Susan Kalisz, University of Pittsburgh – Recipe for Invasive Plant Species

Species interaction dictates a great deal of a location’s biodiversity. Susan Kalisz, professor of biology at

Lee Newman, SUNY ESF – Using Plants to Address Environmental Issues

The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster is having significant consequences on our environment. Dr. Lee Newman, associate

Victor Albert, University at Buffalo – Ancient Lineage of Flower DNA

Studying the DNA of the ancient Amborella flower is opening up new insights into the evolution of