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Jenny Lenkowski, Goucher College – What Human Medicine Can Learn From Fish Eyes

The eyes of fish could help us see the light again. Jenny Lenkowski, associate professor of

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Horse’s anatomy might need a re-write. Nikos Solounias, professor of anatomy and basic sciences at the

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On this Student Spotlight: Is there help on the way for those affected by fetal alcohol

Jack Tseng, University at Buffalo – Carnivore Skull Shape and Diet

β€œYou are what you eat” just got more prophetic. Jack Tseng, assistant professor in the department

Michal Stachowiak, University at Buffalo – Schizophrenia and Early Brain Development

Schizophrenia may develop much early than previously thought. Michal Stachowiak, professor in the department of pathology

Brian Beatty, New York Institute of Technology – Heart Disease

Finding an easier way to detect heart disease could be closer than you think. Brian Beatty,

James Cook, University of Missouri School of Medicine – A Better Fix for Torn ACLs

A new technique to treat ACL injuries may be on the way. James Cook, Professor in

Jun Li, University of Michigan – The Brain’s 24-Hour Clock

The news cycle isn’t the only 24-hour cycle we see. Jun Li, Associate Professor in the

David Carrier, University of Utah – Punching with Cadavers

Did our hand evolve for use as weapons? David Carrier, professor of biology at the University

Nikos Solounias, New York Institute of Technology – Giraffe Necks

How did giraffes get such long necks? Nikos Solounias, professor of anatomy at the New York