Astronomy Archive

Robert Brown, United States Air Force Academy – Trans-Neptunian Objects

Is there a giant unknown planet beyond Neptune? Robert Brown, associate professor of Astronautics at the

Frans von der Dunk, University of Nebraska-Lincoln – Rights to the Moon

Will we go to war over the moon? Frans von der Dunk, professor of space law

Amir Hirsa, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – Research Aboard the International Space Station

How do we advance the field of biology? Look to space. Amir Hirsa, professor of mechanical,

Timothy Mulgan, University of Auckland – The Surprising Implications of Extraterrestrial Life

Are aliens avoiding us? Timothy Mulgan, professor of philosophy at the University of Auckland, discusses a

Joshua Krissansen-Totton, University of Washington – Searching for Life in Space using Methane

On this Student Spotlight: Have we been looking for aliens using the wrong parameters? Joshua Krissansen-Totton,

Edward Guinan, Villanova University – Growing Food on Mars

Could we grow food on Mars? Edward Guinan, professor of astronomy at Villanova University, answers this

Tamas Budavari, Johns Hopkins University – Using Astronomy Tools to Fight Urban Decay

To fix urban decay, look to the stars. Tamas Budavari, assistant professor in the department of

Jay Pasachoff, Williams College – Total Solar Eclipse

A total solar eclipse is coming this summer to the U.S. Jay Pasachoff, professor of astronomy

Steven Stahler, University of California Berkeley – Our Sun Has A Twin

Our sun might have a twin. Steven Stahler, associate research astronomer at the University of California

Behnam Darvish, California Institute of Technology – Why Galaxies Stop Forming Stars

Galaxies stop forming stars, and scientists are working on finding out how. Behnam Darvish, postdoctoral scholar