Astronomy Archive

Markus Wilde, Florida Institute of Technology – Mitigating Space Junk

Space is filled with tons of junk. Markus Wilde, associate professor of aerospace, physics and space

Chris Impey, University of Arizona – The Dark Ages of the Universe

A new telescope could tell us a lot more about the origins of our universe. Chris

Ian Stephens, Worcester State University – The Formation of Stars and their Planetary Siblings

On Worcester State University Week: We’re making advances in studying the births of new stars. Ian

Paul Baker, Widener University – The First Hints of Supermassive Black Holes Merging in Distant Galaxies

On Widener University Week:Β  Mergers don’t only happen in the business world. Paul Baker, assistant professor

Robert Edgell, SUNY Polytechnic Institute – 1962 and the First Commercial Space Firm

What was COMSAT? Robert Edgell, professor of technology management at SUNY Polytechnic Institute, goes back to

Dimitra Atri, NYU Abu Dhabi – Space Weather, Planets and Life

Is there another planet like Earth? Dimitra Atri, research scientist at the NYU Abu Dhabi Center

Nick Sterling, University of West Georgia – Chemical Evolution of the Universe

On University of West Georgia Week: How were the different elements in the universe produced? Nick

Rupali Chandar, University of Toledo – Star Forming Galaxies

On University of Toledo Week: Some galaxies are cranking out new stars. Rupali Chandar, professor of

Bonnie Baxter, Westminster College – Great Salt Lake and Life on Mars

On Westminster College Week: Want to go to Mars?Β  Head to Utah. Bonnie Baxter, professor of

Dipankar Maitra, Wheaton College – Citizen Scientists

On Wheaton College Week: If you want to get involved in science, look to astronomy. Dipankar