Monthly Archive:: June 2022

Jinglu Jiang, Binghamton University – Designing Better Human-A.I. Collaboration

Designing better human and A.I. connections will be crucial in the future. Jinglu Jiang, assistant research

Joyce Bennett, Connecticut College – From Migration to Empowerment: The Story of Indigenous Maya Women

Keeping your culture when oppressed can be tough. Joyce Bennett, assistant professor of anthropology at Connecticut

Stephen Bagwell, University of Missouri St. Louis – Respect for Human Rights Declined During the Pandemic

The pandemic hasn’t just affected our health, it’s affected our rights, too. Stephen Bagwell, assistant professor

Christopher Junium, Syracuse University – A Sulfurous End For The Dinosaurs

Why did the asteroid that heralded the end of the dinosaurs have such a profound impact?

Vaishali Raval, Miami University – Conversations About Race

Are white parents talking to their kids about race? Vaishali Raval, professor of psychology at Miami

This Week on The Academic Minute (2022.06.06)

This Week on The Academic Minute 2022.06.06   Monday, June 6th Vaishali Raval, professor of psychology

The Academic Minute for 2022.05.30-2022.06.03

  The Academic Minute from 05.30 – 06.03 Monday, May 30th Birol Yesilada – Portland State

Davida Smyth, Texas A&M University San Antonio –What Municipal Wastewater Can Teach Us About COVID-19

We’re still learning new things about tracking viruses. Davida Smyth, associate professor of molecular microbiology at

Mia Bloom, Georgia State University – How Women are Doubly Victimized by Sexual Violence

Violence against women leaves more than physical scars. Mia Bloom, professor of communication and Middle East

Amal Alachkar, University of California Irvine – Why Parkinson’s Drug Improves, then Diminishes Quality of Life

Treating Parkinson’s disease is never an easy prospect. Amal Alachkar, associate professor of teaching pharmaceutical sciences