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The Academic Minute for 2021.08.16-2021.08.20

  The Academic Minute from 08.16 – 08.20 Monday, August 16th Bin He – Carnegie Mellon University

Larry Pileggi, Carnegie Mellon University – Keeping the Power Grid Safe from Mother Nature and Human Nature

On Carnegie Mellon University Week:  A failure in the power grid could have serious consequences. Larry

Destenie Nock, Carnegie Mellon University – Energy Poverty

On Carnegie Mellon University Week: As temperatures rise, energy poverty could soar with them. Destenie Nock,

Amir Barati Farimani, Carnegie Mellon University – Outsmarting a Virus

On Carnegie Mellon University Week: Getting ahead of a virus is critical. Amir Barati Farimani, assistant

Daniel Armanios, Carnegie Mellon University – The Social Legacies of Our Infrastructure Systems

On Carnegie Mellon University Week: Infrastructure can keep people locked in the past. Daniel Armanios, assistant

Bin He, Carnegie Mellon University – Meditation and Mind Control

On Carnegie Mellon University Week: What if you could control something by just thinking? Bin He,

This Week on The Academic Minute (2021.08.16)

Carnegie Mellon Week on The Academic Minute 2021.08.16   Monday, August 16th Bin He, professor of

The Academic Minute for 2021.08.09-2021.08.13

  The Academic Minute from 08.09 – 08.13 Monday, August 9th Maura Pavao – Worcester State University

Alessandra Bazo Vienrich, Worcester State University – Place Matters: Access to College for Undocumented Students

On Worcester State University Week:  Access to college is a big step for undocumented students. Alessandra

Bryant Sculos, Worcester State University – Learning From Basic Income Pilots

On Worcester State University Week: What can we learn from universal basic income pilot programs? Bryant