This Week on The Academic Minute (2020.11.30)

This Week on The Academic Minute 2020.11.30

Monday, November 30th

Nancy D. Campbell, professor the department of science and technology studies, discusses why naloxone-for-all is a tough sell.

Tuesday, December 1st

Nishtha Langer, assistant professor of business analytics, says despite the challenges women face in IT jobs, they may be more likely to get promoted than their male counterparts.

Wednesday, December 2nd

Timothy D. Golden, professor of enterprise management and organization, delves into employee productivity while telecommuting.

Thursday, December 3rd

Kristin Bennett, professor in the mathematical sciences department, looks into the underlying social causes of COVID-19 and deaths of despair.

Friday, December 4th

Malik Magdon-Ismail, professor of computer science, develops one way to predict where COVID-19 will spread.