This Week on The Academic Minute (2020.10.05)

This Week on The Academic Minute 2019.10.05

We’re celebrating a decade of the Academic Minute this week with one segment from each year. 

Monday, October 5th

On this segment from 2010, Patricia DiBartolo, professor of psychology at Smith College, informed us about the good and bad aspects of perfectionism.

Tuesday, October 6th

On this segment from 2011, Kyle Meng, PhD candidate at Columbia University, told us why El Nino was responsible for civil wars around the globe.

Wednesday, October 7th

On this segment from 2012, Sora Kim, postdoctoral researcher in the department of geology and geophysics at the University of Wyoming, shed light on the diet of Great White Sharks.

Thursday, October 8th

On this segment from 2013, Supriya Kumar, postdoctoral associate in the department of epidemiology at the University of Pittsburgh, detailed why an extra “flu day” or two before coming back to work could be key in containing the spread of the disease.

Friday, October 9th

On this segment from 2014, Luis Zayas, Dean and chair in mental health and social policy at the University of Texas at Austin, delved into why one segment of the population commits suicide more than any other: Hispanics teens.