The Academic Minute for 2020.10.26-2020.10.30


The Academic Minute from 10.26 – 10.30

Monday, October 26th
Russell Goodman Central College
Perfect Football Recruit
Russ Goodman has served Central College since 2002, teaching at all levels of the curriculum. He especially enjoys learning about sports analytics, origami, algebraic geometry,

and mathematics in pop culture. Russ is also an assistant coach for the Central College women’s soccer team. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and two daughters, running, watching soccer, and enjoying all kinds of music.

Tuesday, October 27th
Theodora Pinou – Western Connecticut State University
Teaching the Environment
Dr. Pinou is a professor of Biology at WCSU, and a Curatorial Affiliate in Vertebrate Zoology at the Peabody Museum of Natural History at Yale University. She received her BA, MA, and Ph.D at New York University in Biology, with a focus in vertebrate evolution and ecology.

Wednesday, October 28th
David Meyer – Shenandoah University
COVID-19 and Singing
A leading scholar and researcher of the singing voice, Dr. David Meyer is an active performer, teacher, and voice scientist. He serves as associate professor of voice and voice pedagogy at Shenandoah Conservatory. He is also a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Voice Foundation and is co-chairman of the Voice Science Advisory Committee of the National Association of Teachers of Singing. In 2010 he received the Van L. Lawrence Fellowship, a prestigious national award in recognition of his contributions to the field of teaching singing and the use of voice science.

Thursday, October 29th
Robin Zebrowski – Beloit College
Robin Zebrowski’s research focuses on embodied cognition and many of its implications, from how humanoid bodies affect the possibility of general artificial intelligence in robotics to the ways that embodiment influences the felt experience of being present in a space. Usually, this means looking closely at places where human bodies intersect with technology (both literally and metaphorically). This work draws on research in the philosophy and psychology of technology, disability studies, cyborg studies, and more. Currently, she’s working with a previous student on the unique ways that living (and potentially robotic) systems in shared spaces produce new autonomous systems of social cognition. She is also applying her work on telepresence and intercorporeality (that ineffable experience of sharing real space with other people) to the current pandemic situation, offering ways of making sense of the technologically-mediated platforms many of us now regularly engage with (and why and how they fail to capture that ineffable presence of others).

Friday, October 30th
Zvi Loewy – Touro College of Pharmacy
Molecular Diagnostic Testing of COVID-19
Dr. Loewy has a diversified professional background that includes more than 30 years in academia, executive leadership with major global pharmaceutical companies, and creation and management of biotech startup companies .Dr. Loewy is a graduate of Yeshiva University (B.A.), Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (M.S.) and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine (Ph.D.).  In addition to his position at Touro College of Pharmacy, he is on the faculty of New York Medical College and serves on the boards of the Jerusalem College of Technology and the New Jersey Technology Incubator .Dr. Loewy is a member of the scientific advisory board of C3 Jian, a private company focused on providing improved oral health care.  He is a member of the steering committee of the Pennsylvania Translational Research Partnership Institute and the Coulter advisory council, and he is an editor of the Journal of Prosthodontics.  Dr. Loewy has published broadly and holds over 25 patents.