The Academic Minute for 2020.03.23-2020.03.27

The Academic Minute from 03.23 – 03.27

Monday, March 23rd
Tricia Hornback George Fox University
Indigenous Agency, Decolonization and Survivance
Tricia Hornback, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor of Intercultural Studies, lead faculty for the George Fox University Center for Peace and Justice, and faculty mentor to the GFU Steinfeldt Scholars. She has spent much of her career assisting in the self-determination and empowerment of indigenous people: exploring issues of race/ethnicity, integrating equality and social justice themes in adult learning programs, doing international peace and justice work with non-government organizations, and building networks to further peace and justice in the local community.

Tuesday, March 24th
Nate Peach – George Fox University
Teaching Undergraduates to Measure Economic Development
Nate Peach, PhD is an Associate Professor of Economics at George Fox University. His research interests include regional economic development, economic pedagogy, and the role of virtues in economic decisions.

Wednesday, March 25th
Debby Thomas – George Fox University
The Classroom as an Organization
Debby Thomas, PhD is an Assistant Professor of Management as well as a corporate leadership trainer who teaches leadership, management and organizational behavior courses. She facilitates the High Performance Leadership program at the Professional Development Academy in Portland. Debby finds synergy in teaching at the undergraduate, MBA and DBA levels as well as training and coaching managers in companies across the US and internationally.

Thursday, March 26th
Lorretta Krautscheid – George Fox University
What Can Be Done About Moral Distress?
Lorretta Krautscheid, PhD, MS, RN, CNE is an Associate Professor in Nursing.  Her scholarship has centered on teaching strategies to promote ethically informed, evidence-based, theory-guided practice.  Lorretta has presented and published research on moral distress among undergraduate nursing students, relationships between resilience protective factors and moral distress, educational strategies supporting moral resilience, and trusting and deference behaviors among post-licensure nurses. Lorretta serves on the American Nurses Association Moral Resilience Panel: Advisory Committee and is a consultant for the Nurse Executive Center Advisory Board regarding transition to practice programs.

Friday, March 27th
Nathan Slegers – George Fox University
Inspired Innovations in Unmanned Systems
Nathan Slegers, PhD is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering. His research emphasizes improving actively controlled systems by combining modeling, unique control methods and innovative sensor systems. Recent funded research projects span a variety of systems including: precision guided airdrop systems, butterfly inspired micro air vehicles for the National Science Foundation, and intelligent munitions for the Army Research Laboratory.