The Academic Minute for 2019.10.07-10.11

The Academic Minute from 10.07 – 10.11

Monday, October 7th
Camilla Nonterah – University of Richmond
Healthy Behavior Change
Camilla Nonterah is a counseling psychologist by training whose research and clinical interests focus on behavioral medicine. Nonterah’s research focuses primarily on physical and mental health in underserved groups and minority populations. She has a particular interest in mental health associated with end-stage organ disease and solid organ transplantation. She also examines positive health behaviors from a positive psychology perspective, particularly within an African context and through cross-cultural comparisons.

Tuesday, October 8th
Della Dumbuagh – University of Richmond
Political Conflict and American Mathematics
Della Dumbaugh, who has served on the faculty at UR for 25 years, specializes in the history of mathematics and recently led the creation of, the first website dedicated to American mathematics. She teaches across the mathematics curriculum.

Wednesday, October 9th
Jack Singal – University of Richmond
Moon Landings
Physics professor Jack Singal, an astrophysicist who worked at NASA, researches several important topics in the emerging era of big data astrophysics. His areas of expertise include: Multiwavelength astrophysics analysis; Data challenges in large survey astrophysics; and Instrumentation methods in visible and radio wavelengths. He is also involved in several projects with external collaborators, including at NASA and the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, to explore the mystery of the diffuse radio background. Singal can also speak generally about space history, specifically related to the Moon Landing.

Thursday, October 10th
Monti Datta – University of Richmond
How Many People Are Enslaved Today?
Monti Datta is an associate professor of political science at the University of Richmond, where he teaches classes on international relations, research methods, global governance, anti-Americanism & world opinion, and human rights & modern day slavery.

Friday, October 11th
Stephen Nash – University of Richmond
Threats to National Parks
Steve Nash is a visiting Senior Research Scholar at the University of Richmond, where he has taught in the journalism and environmental studies programs since 1980. He is the author of Grand Canyon for Sale — Public Lands vs. Private Interests in the Era of Climate Change.


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