The Academic Minute for 2019.09.23-09.27

The Academic Minute from 09.23 – 09.27

Monday, September 23rd
Rupali Chandar – University of Toledo
Star Forming Galaxies
Rupali Chandar, professor of astronomy, studies the origins of the universe, she focuses on nature’s biggest building blocks – galaxies. An expert in galactic formations and life cycles, Chandar’s research is casting aside the long-held belief that dense star clusters, once formed, endured for billions of years. These clusters may well begin to disperse after just a few million years, her research has shown. Additionally, Chandar, a National Science Foundation Career Award grantee, is using her status to encourage more young girls to explore astronomy and the natural sciences.

Tuesday, September 24th
Bina Joe – University of Toledo
Bina Joe, Distinguished University Professor & Chair the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, is focused on understanding the genetic components of pathophysiological conditions of the cardiovascular, renal and autoimmune systems.  The most prominent of all complex traits investigated in her laboratory is blood pressure regulation.

Wednesday, September 25th
Celia Williamson – University of Toledo
Social Media and Sex Trafficking
Dr. Williamson’s research focus has been in the area of human trafficking with particular attention to domestic minor sex trafficking. She has published numerous articles on the subject and has delivered over 200 presentations and been the keynote speaker at more than 20 conferences. She also studies prostitution, vulnerable women, and drug abuse. She teaches social work practice courses and a human trafficking course. She founded the first anti-trafficking program in Ohio in 1993. She has completed 9 studies, 19 articles/reports, and edited 2 books on sex trafficking; & she has received federal funding from 2002 to 2012 to conduct research in this area. Additional accomplishments include: founding the annual International Human Trafficking and Social Justice Conference in Toledo; founding the Lucas County Human Trafficking Coalition; she sits as chair of the Research & Analysis Subcommittee for the Ohio Attorney General’s Human Trafficking Commission; and is an Editorial Manager for the Journal of Human Trafficking. And most recently, she opened the Human Trafficking and Social Justice Institute in 2015 to further the mission of combating human trafficking & supporting victims of this crime through research, education, and engagement.

Thursday, September 26th
Neil Reid – University of Toledo
Craft Breweries Increase Residential Property Values
Neil Reid, professor of geography and planning, is a regional scientist and industrial geographer with research interests in the area of local economic development. His research is focused on how craft breweries tend to be located in neighborhoods that have recently experienced economic distress, and how craft breweries have played a key part in revitalization efforts in many urban areas by restoring old, abandoned buildings.

Friday, September 27th
Amit K. Tiwari – University of Toledo
Multi-Drug Resistance
Amit Tiwari is an associate professor of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics. His long-term goal is to develop safe and effective chemotherapy. He specializes in investigating multidrug resistant cancers, and recently identified a new chemotherapy drug that is showing promise in curing triple negative breast cancer, even in cases where patients have developed resistance to conventional chemotherapy.