The Academic Minute for 2017.6.19-6.23

Academic Minute from 6.19 – 6.23

Monday, June 19th
Matthew Pase – Boston University
Diet Soda and Accelerated Brain Aging
Matthew Pase is a fellow in the MED neurology department at Boston University Medical School and an investigator at the FHS.

Tuesday, June 20th
Joseph Bennett – Carleton University
Joseph Bennett is a conservation biologist and Assistant Professor at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. Research in his lab focusses on statistical and mathematical tools to help prioritize resources to save more species from extinction. His lab also works on incorporating indigenous perspectives in conservation decisions, efficient methods of managing invasive species, and optimizing monitoring for environmental assessment.

Wednesday, June 21st
Colin Camerer – California Institute of Technology
Colin Camerer is a pioneer in behavioral economics and in neuroeconomics. He is interested in how psychological forces and their deeper neuroscientific foundations influence economic decisions involving individuals and markets. In his research, he uses experiments to better understand how individuals and markets function, neuroscience to gain insight into the neuroscientific drivers for decision making and behavior, and game theory. For example, he’s exploring why price bubbles form, when they crash, and how people value immediate and future rewards and costs—especially those that create temptation. He wants to understand strategic situations such as when other people’s choices affect an individual and how someone anticipates what others will do.

Thursday, June 22nd
Noelle Nelson – University of Kansas
Working Memory and Satiation
Noelle Nelson’s broad research portfolio includes studying working memory, sensory processing and information processing in consumer behavior. She has co-authored several peer-reviewed journal articles in the field, and her teaching interests including marketing principles and research, consumer behavior, branding and marketing communications and strategy. Nelson has served as an expert in national media coverage on branding, consumer behavior and marketing issues, such as Black Friday and how large corporate brands deal with consumer attitudes surrounding politics.

Friday, June 23rd
Pascal Wallisch – New York University
Predicting Movie Taste
Pascal Wallisch serves as clinical assistant professor of psychology at New York University, where he heads the Fox lab.