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The Academic Minute for 2016.11.7-11.11

Academic Minute from 11.7 – 11.11 Monday, November 7th Sherry Linkon – Georgetown University Working Class

Robert Edgell, SUNY Polytechnic Institute – Media and Governance

Do news media corporations actually function with eyes wide open? Robert Edgell, professor of technology management

Pietro Perotti featured on The Best of Our Knowledge

As always, host Bob Barrett selects an Academic Minute to air during The Best of Our

Joan Cook, Yale University – Why People Don’t Talk About Traumatic Events

Why do people wait to tell others about traumatic events? Joan Cook, associate professor of psychiatry

Ann Gordon, Chapman University – Natural Disaster Preparedness

We might not be as prepared for a natural disaster as we think. Ann Gordon, associate

Benjamin Ho, Vassar College – Political Apologies

Politicians make a lot of apologies. Benjamin Ho, associate professor of economics at Vassar College, examines

Sherry Linkon, Georgetown University – Working Class Voters

Working class voters have been in the news during this election season. Sherry Linkon, professor of

Luke Fowler, Boise State University – Environmentalism and Politics

Different regions of the U.S. think of environmental issues differently. Luke Fowler, assistant professor in the

This Week On The Academic Minute (2016.11.7)

This Week on The Academic Minute 2016.11.7 Monday, November 7th Sherry LinkonĀ of Georgetown University discussesĀ working class

Pietro Perotti, University of Bath – Political Accounting

Who the president is may change how states report their financial data. Pietro Perotti, lecturer in