This Week On The Academic Minute (2016.10.31)


This Week on The Academic Minute 2016.10.31

Monday, October 31st

Charles Sohaskey of Chapman University explores the link between vampires and tuberculosis.

Tuesday, November 1st

Cynthia Botteron of Shippensburg University discusses what makes a candidate qualified for political office.

Wednesday, November 2nd

Whitney Manzo of Meredith College examines civil discourse in politics.

Thursday, November 3rd

Richard Holtzman of Bryant University delves into the power of narrative in a political campaign.

Friday, November 4th

Paul Christiansen of Seton Hall University talks about the power of music for political campaigns.

Saturday, November 5th

Pietro Perotti of the University of Bath determines if politics and geography influence financial accounting.

Sunday, November 6th

Luke Fowler of Boise State University tells us about the environment and politics.