Monthly Archive:: July 2016

Martha McClintock, Univesity of Chicago – Overall Health

Is age just a number or does everyone follow the path of aging? Martha McClintock, professor

Susan Loeb, Penn State University – End of Life Care in Prisons

Health care needs don’t stop when you’re behind bars. Susan Loeb, Associate Professor of Nursing at

Anthony Corbeill, University of Kansas – Gender in Rome

Why are some objects described as feminine and other masculine? Anthony Corbeill, Professor of Classics at

John Henderson, University of California Davis – Your Brain on Reading

How does the brain recognize the words you read? John Henderson, professor in the department of

This Week On The Academic Minute (2016.07.11)

This Week on The Academic Minute 2016.7.11 Monday, July 11 John Henderson of the University of

The Academic Minute for 2016.07.04-07.08

Academic Minute from 7.04 – 7.08 Monday, July 4th Jeff Nesteruk – Franklin & Marshall College

Kerry Dean Carso, SUNY New Paltz – Gothic Revival

Gothic novels and architecture have always had an appeal in the United States. Kerry Dean Carso,

Leanne ten Brinke featured on The Best of Our Knowledge

As always, host Bob Barrett selects an Academic Minute to air during The Best of Our

Janice Chism, Winthrop University – Saki Monkeys

How do you study monkeys that you can’t see? Janice Chism, professor of biology and anthropology

James Waller, Keene State College – Genocide

Preventing genocide is one of our biggest challenges. James Waller, Professor of Holocaust and Genocide Studies