50 States on The Academic Minute

The Academic Minute reached a huge milestone with today’s segment featuring Emily Lescak, postdoctoral fellow from the University of Alaska Anchorage. We’ve now had research submitted from universities in all 50 states!

Here are the largest contributors from each state:

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Alabama – University of Alabama
Alaska – University of Alaska Anchorage
Arizona – Northern Arizona University
Arkansas – University of Arkansas
California – University of California
Colorado – University of Colorado
Connecitcut – University of Connecticut
Delaware – University of Delaware
Florida – University of North Florida
Georgia – Emory University
Hawaii – University of Hawaii Manoa
Idaho – University of Idaho
Illinois – DePaul University
Indiana – University of Notre Dame
Iowa – Iowa State University
Kansas – University of Kansas
Kentucky – Murray State University
Louisiana – Louisiana State University
Maine – Bowdoin College
Maryland – Johns Hopkins University
Massachusetts – Tufts University
Michigan – Michigan State University
Minnesota – University of Minnesota
Mississippi – University of Southern Mississippi
Missouri – University of Missouri
Montana – Rocky Mountain College
Nebraska – Creighton University
Nevada – University of Nevada, Las Vegas
New Hampshire – Dartmouth College
New Jersey – Seton Hall University
New Mexico – New Mexico State
New York – Columbia University
North Carolina – Duke University
North Dakota – North Dakota State University
Ohio – Ohio State University
Oklahoma – University of Oklahoma
Oregon – Oregon State University
Pennsylvania – University of Pittsburgh
Rhode Island – Brown University
South Carolina – Winthrop University
South Dakota – Black Hills State University
Tennessee – Vanderbilt University
Texas – University of Texas at Austin
Utah – University of Utah
Vermont – Landmark College
Virginia – Washington and Lee University
Washington – University of Washington
West Virginia – American Public University
Wisconsin – University of Wisconsin
Wyoming – University of Wyoming


Looking forward to our second cross-country tour in the future!

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Now only 178 more counties to go to cover the whole world…