Monthly Archive:: November 2014

Ben Schwessinger, UC Davis – Plant Immunity

We just found out that plants can hear. Now, we’ll learn about their complex immune systems.

Steve Gimbel, Gettysburg College – An Ethics of Joking

Have you ever been offended by a joke? Dr. Steve Gimbel, a professor of philosophy at

Gary Kwiecinski featured on The Best of Our Knowledge

As always, host Bob Barrett selects an Academic Minute to air during The Best of Our

Paul Arciero, Skidmore College – The Quality of Exercise

Sometimes the old cliche less is more actually fits. Dr. Paul Arciero, a professor in Skidmore

Jennie Brand, UCLA – Benefits of Higher Ed

The idea and purpose of obtaining a higher education is likely similar regardless of who the

Michele Gelfand, University of Maryland – American Regionalism

It’s Election Day in the US and all across the country, voters will be casting ballots

Maria Cancian, University of Wisconsin Madison – Evolution of Custody

A great deal has been written about the changing face of the traditional family. With these

Patricia Brennan, UMass Amherst – The Importance of Oddball Science

Scientists are often surprised at the results of their own experimenting. Sometimes, the outcome produces an