The Academic Minute for 2016.07.25-07.29

Academic Minute from 7.25 – 7.29 Monday, July 25th Jonathan Wynn – University of Massachusetts Amherst

Martin Krieger, University of Southern California – Clusters

People cluster together in cities, by chance or by choice. Today on The Academic Minute: Martin

Samuel Sober featured on The Best of Our Knowledge

As always, host Bob Barrett selects an Academic Minute to air during The Best of Our

Joshua Rothman, University of Alabama – A New Portrait of Slavery Emerges

More information on enslaved people has come from an unlikely place. Joshua Rothman, professor in the

Andrew Ching, University of Toronto – Publicity and Paid Advertisements

Does publicity add to or subtract from paid promotional materials? Andrew Ching, associate professor of marketing

Henna-Riikka Peltola, University of Jyvaskyla – Sadness in Music

Sadness might not be a negative emotion when it comes to music. Henna-Riikka Peltola, university teacher

Jonathan Wynn, University of Massachusetts Amherst – Festivals

Bringing people together for a weekend can be better for a city than building a museum.

This Week On The Academic Minute (2016.07.25)

This Week on The Academic Minute 2016.7.25 Monday, July 25 Jonathan Wynn of the University of

The Academic Minute for 2016.07.18-07.22

Academic Minute from 7.18 – 7.22 Monday, July 18th Gary Lewandowski – Monmouth University Should I

Helen Kim, Whitman College – Intermarriage

Retaining your cultural identity can be important for couples in an intercultural union. Helen Kim, associate