Ole Hertel, Aarhus University – Air Pollution Modeling

If you’re reading this right now,  chances are, you’ve just taken a breath. Oxygen is one

Casey Klofstad, University of Miami – Vocal Fry in the Workplace

Something as trivial as the sound of one’s voice might prove detrimental in the workplace, especially

Nello Cristianini, Univeristy of Bristol – The Big-Data Revolution

You’ve likely heard the term “Big Data” being thrown around recently. Dr. Nello Cristianini, professor of

Robert Latzman, Georgia State University – Chimps Have Personality

It’s common knowledge that chimpanzees are one of human’s closest relatives in the animal kingdom. Robert

Matt Lapierre featured on The Best of Our Knowledge

As always, host Bob Barrett selects an Academic Minute to air during The Best of Our

Andrew Mendelson, Temple University – Cell Phone Journalism

Can any mobile phone user become a photojournalist? Andrew Mendelson, chair of Temple University’s journalism department,

Dana Burde, NYU – Early Education in Afghanistan

In a recent interview, Dana Burde discussed her studies focusing on community-based schools in Afghanistan. An

Steven Schandler, Chapman University – The Genetics of Addiction

The effects of alcoholism and addiction reach far beyond the person afflicted with the disease. Steven

Stefan Sarafianos, University of Missouri – An HIV-Resistant Flavor Enhancer

Can soy fight HIV? According to new research from Dr. Stefan Sarafianos, a professor of microbiology

Oleg Kolosov, Univeristy of Lancaster – New Medical Imaging Technique

Dr. Oleg Kolosov, a physicist at Lancaster University, is developing new nano-science techniques hoping to advance